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Vivi Ornitier!

Vivi Ornitier!

This is the drawing of Vivi that I did when I was bored last night, hope you guys like it.

Btw, I love Final Fantasy IX


Asset Sheet 1

Asset Sheet 1

This is the first Asset for my Asset Sheet.

Asset sheets are important as it shows off the work that you have done to people, it shows what it is and any information with it e.g. Polycount and faces.

Nintendo GameCube!

Nintendo GameCube!

Right, other week we learnt how to texture in Maya and was set a task to create something using a cube, this is what I made.

Monopoly Board and Box!!

Monopoly Board and Box!!

Finally finished my Walking Dead Monopoly board complete with money, chance and mortgage cards, dice, character pieces and money.

My third playdoh model.. Also a creeper!

My third playdoh model.. Also a creeper!

We then got asked to make anything we wanted.

So I made a very bad imitation of a creeper.. If you’re wondering why It’s upside down, It’s because his head was too heavy..

That’s all for now!

My second playdoh model

My second playdoh model

I then got asked to make this.

If you can’t figure it out.. It’s a Sunday dinner, Yorkshire pudding with sausages and veg.

My first playdoh model

My first playdoh model

We had an interesting lesson at college other day.

We got given some playdoh and was told something to make.

As you can make out from my horrendous modelling skills, it is a spider which I re-designed.. meaning I squished it.

More to come!

My first bitstrip

My first bitstrip

This is my first comic strip that i had to make for a college assignment.
I thought bitstrip is a really fun and creative comic strip creator and it has a lot of tools to create anything you want with your friends and can be about anything!

Hope you enjoy it!!