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Some Pre-Production work.Organisational structures:There are many types of

Some Pre-Production work.

Organisational structures:

There are many types of companies one is a Development Studio which is basically a Studio committed to making video games and releasing them to the public this is also known as a Games Development Studio some examples are; Bethesda Softworks, Gearbox Software, Neversoft and Pandemix Studios.

These are some of the most famous Games Studios that are around right now, within these Game Studios there are different Departments, some of these may include;

3D Modeller:
A 3D modeller models anything from characters to furniture to scenery and just about anything else to do with the game, they can have specific modellers for certain things like a character modeller or level modeller.

Job roles:

A Programmer programs everything in the game, such as when events are meant to happen, what things do, how the character acts and behaves and everything else you can imagine, again the programmer can have certain tasks as there can be many programmers on a team.

Level Designer:
Level designer design the game levels that are in games quite easily put but they have to avoid a lot of bugs and issues in the games and then if there are still bugs the Q&A testers will find them and surely annoy the game designer/s, again as for the other there can be more than one working on a game


Ratchet and Clank: Tools of destruction Review


Ratchet and Clank is a very fun game as it uses basic cartoon animation with enhaced colours and surreal characters to keep the target audience interested, it defies laws of nature and physics to make the game more appealing to the target audience.

Tthe game matches some cratoons such as “Tom & Jerry” to give that feel of being a child again or is the target audience is playing to associate them with the feeling of joy and happiness, the game also envokes child like comedy to keep them interested and “hooked” the games enemies matched that of a cartoon or a comic book and is made to appeal to a younger target audinece.

The story matches that of a cartoon it makes the story incredibely easy to follow so the target audience can follow with ease.