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My college work and assignments.

Zool Update!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been busy with other college work even though it was meant to be  posted on here …

Well anyway a lot has gone on with Zool, we’ve created the story for it, designed all of our levels and white boxed them, created a template for our levels to make sure they can run at 60fps, designed and created the enemies in Zbrush and also managing to do all the paperwork and getting the concepts finished.

The Story:

To escape the ever nearing doom of the ship crashing, Zool dashes towards the time portal, successfully reaching and traveling forward through time and space. He arrives on a planet covered in snow, mountains for miles to see, and full of scraped technology buried under snow. Sceptical of his own location he must uncover his were abouts, and find his way through.

Zool proceeds to explore and walks down the only walkable path, to eventually find a de-activated warp gate, in an attempt to react the warp gate he traces the power line to a cave, inside he spots a lever that is frozen over guarded by an ice wolf. He knows to get the power on and be able to proceed through the warp gate he has to beat the wolf and active the power.

After defeating the wolf and activating the power Zool, heads back to the warp gate to find that it is activated. He continues nervously through the warp gate, to come out on the other side within a circular area surrounded by 5 warp gates, and in the middle stood an old man surrounded by his collected treasures.

The old man informs you of your location, your situation and how to escape, he tells Zool that if he does not escape he will surely die as the whole planet is about to erupt and destroy every living thing upon this world. He tells you that to get off the world you must go through the 4 levels to unlock the final bonus area and successfully pass through the final warp gate at the end of the bonus level, also beating the bonus level and passing through the final warp gate will suppressed  the eruption for another 1000 years.

You go through the first warp gate, and find that you are back within the snowy mountain, scraped technology area you first warped into. The mountains are too high and cannot be climbed and a clear path leads the way that you have to go to complete the level and proceed, but enemies stand within your way and to get to the end you must successfully evade them or power through them with your gun or melee.

Successfully passing the level and going through the warp gate at the end of the level will lead you back to the link area, with the next room unlocked. You will continue after the first level onto a boss level, after that a normal level and one more boss level, after completing the 2nd boss you will have unlocked the final room which is the bonus area and to get through this level you must jump across platforms and kill enemies to get to the end where a mini boss stands in your way of treasure and your safety of the ever nearing danger of the erupting volcano.”

My level story:

“Zool comes out the warp gate to find himself in amongst the wreckage of the ship, he has to find his way out of the snowy derelict mountains, he travels through the wreckage down the only path he can to find himself fighting ice monsters, he comes to a warp gate only to find it deactivated he then has to follow the cable running off the warp gate when he comes a cave with a cable connected to a generator a huge ice monster comes out of the cave and inside him is the fuse for the generator, Zool has to defeat the monster to retrieve the fuse and as so he turns on the generator and the warp gate turns to life and zool travels back to the gate and passes through it, zool finds himself in a room with 6 other portals to which he finds out from the merchant in the centre of the room that it is a warp room.”#

My boss level story:

As you enter through the warp gate, you see a giant ice/mechanical monster, you also see below him through the clear ice the exit warp gate and around him 5 ice pillars, as you approach him he starts to hurl ice balls at you and all becomes apparent you defeat the monster and he crashes through the ice below opening up the way to the warp gate.”


These are a few concepts of the enemy and the boss and first level.





For the white boxing, Zbrush sculpt and the template I will upload on Tuesday as I can’t open them right now, more coming soon, again!



Right, a few weeks ago we entered a competition.

The target was to re-create the game “Zool” that was originally 2D into a 3D game, the winner would be the college or university that re-creates it in the best way.

As a course we have to create 9 levels in which a group of about 3-4 people take one of those levels and have to design and create everything, including the design of the character Zool.

The levels have to consist of:

3 Area levels, Including enemies and/or Mini boss
2 Boss levels
1 Bonus level, this can be anything that we want
and a Link level to link all of them together.

The link level has to have a way of connecting all the levels together, we have come up with using portals or warp gates to get from place to place, also inside the link level it has to be a “safe zone” and has to have merchants.

Our level is the 6th which we’ve decided to do as a snowy mountain/scrap, the enemies are gonna be ice and mechanical like creatures, one ranged, one melee and another for the bonus which is a mix between the both and the Boss is also similar except a lot bigger.

More coming soon

Lesson Review 3

The last one didn’t post for some reason…

Last Tuesday we were told to create something called an asset sheet.

Aasset sheets are important as it shows off that work you have done, it shows how well you can create things and how you can show it as a design sheet.

You can use them to show your work to Companies, game producers and Universities.

Rene Descartes..


Rene Descartes was a French writer and mathematician who changed history by creating the Cartesian coordinates which in doing so allowed us to transform geometrical shapes into algebraic equations but not also that, he made it possible to create 3D objects using points in space which lets us make objects, scenes, environments and games.

Rene Descartes was the mind behind some of the crucial tools in Games Development, the knowledge that he gave us allowed humanity to create programs like Maya, Unity and others, because of his finding and discoveries he were able to change the world, would there be games like there is now? Would creating games be different or more difficult? From what he gave us he changed the way we think and look and things and he also changed the way we do certain tasks within the games industry and life.

Rene was also a famous philosopher who came up with Cartesian Philosophy which was based on scepticism and that all reliable knowledge must be justified by means of logical analysis which was influential in the success of the Scientific Revolution and provides the foundation upon most philosophical thoughts are grounded, he has also been dubbed “’Father of Modern Philosophy”.

René Descartes built the foundation for modern philosophical method with a simple catchphrase: “Cogito Ergo Sum” “I think, therefore I am.” He is also regarded as the founder of analytic geometry, he wrote numerous books defining his theories and philosophies about the human mind and body describing the differences and how the mind is external to the body into which is entered through the pineal gland while trying to uncover the meaning of the natural world using a rational approach.

So without Descartes knowledge, theories and deep thinking today’s world well might not even be the same.

Weaknesses of game platform types.

This is something we did a week or two ago about different platform types.

We have to keep updating our blogs on what we do, so here it is.


  • They get outdated every 6 months
  • They can be very expensive
  • Not portable/easy to mve


  • Some aren’t portable
  • Prone to hacks and viruses e.g. Playstation Network
  • Could have a short life span


  • Limited battery life
  • Fragile/break easy
  • Not compatible with different mobiles


  • Expensive
  • Could be hard to set up


  • Obsolete
  • Out dated tech

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of destruction Review


Ratchet and Clank is a very fun game as it uses basic cartoon animation with enhaced colours and surreal characters to keep the target audience interested, it defies laws of nature and physics to make the game more appealing to the target audience.

Tthe game matches some cratoons such as “Tom & Jerry” to give that feel of being a child again or is the target audience is playing to associate them with the feeling of joy and happiness, the game also envokes child like comedy to keep them interested and “hooked” the games enemies matched that of a cartoon or a comic book and is made to appeal to a younger target audinece.

The story matches that of a cartoon it makes the story incredibely easy to follow so the target audience can follow with ease.

My third playdoh model.. Also a creeper!

My third playdoh model.. Also a creeper!

We then got asked to make anything we wanted.

So I made a very bad imitation of a creeper.. If you’re wondering why It’s upside down, It’s because his head was too heavy..

That’s all for now!

My second playdoh model

My second playdoh model

I then got asked to make this.

If you can’t figure it out.. It’s a Sunday dinner, Yorkshire pudding with sausages and veg.

My first playdoh model

My first playdoh model

We had an interesting lesson at college other day.

We got given some playdoh and was told something to make.

As you can make out from my horrendous modelling skills, it is a spider which I re-designed.. meaning I squished it.

More to come!

My first bitstrip

My first bitstrip

This is my first comic strip that i had to make for a college assignment.
I thought bitstrip is a really fun and creative comic strip creator and it has a lot of tools to create anything you want with your friends and can be about anything!

Hope you enjoy it!!