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Zool Update!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been busy with other college work even though it was meant to be  posted on here …

Well anyway a lot has gone on with Zool, we’ve created the story for it, designed all of our levels and white boxed them, created a template for our levels to make sure they can run at 60fps, designed and created the enemies in Zbrush and also managing to do all the paperwork and getting the concepts finished.

The Story:

To escape the ever nearing doom of the ship crashing, Zool dashes towards the time portal, successfully reaching and traveling forward through time and space. He arrives on a planet covered in snow, mountains for miles to see, and full of scraped technology buried under snow. Sceptical of his own location he must uncover his were abouts, and find his way through.

Zool proceeds to explore and walks down the only walkable path, to eventually find a de-activated warp gate, in an attempt to react the warp gate he traces the power line to a cave, inside he spots a lever that is frozen over guarded by an ice wolf. He knows to get the power on and be able to proceed through the warp gate he has to beat the wolf and active the power.

After defeating the wolf and activating the power Zool, heads back to the warp gate to find that it is activated. He continues nervously through the warp gate, to come out on the other side within a circular area surrounded by 5 warp gates, and in the middle stood an old man surrounded by his collected treasures.

The old man informs you of your location, your situation and how to escape, he tells Zool that if he does not escape he will surely die as the whole planet is about to erupt and destroy every living thing upon this world. He tells you that to get off the world you must go through the 4 levels to unlock the final bonus area and successfully pass through the final warp gate at the end of the bonus level, also beating the bonus level and passing through the final warp gate will suppressed  the eruption for another 1000 years.

You go through the first warp gate, and find that you are back within the snowy mountain, scraped technology area you first warped into. The mountains are too high and cannot be climbed and a clear path leads the way that you have to go to complete the level and proceed, but enemies stand within your way and to get to the end you must successfully evade them or power through them with your gun or melee.

Successfully passing the level and going through the warp gate at the end of the level will lead you back to the link area, with the next room unlocked. You will continue after the first level onto a boss level, after that a normal level and one more boss level, after completing the 2nd boss you will have unlocked the final room which is the bonus area and to get through this level you must jump across platforms and kill enemies to get to the end where a mini boss stands in your way of treasure and your safety of the ever nearing danger of the erupting volcano.”

My level story:

“Zool comes out the warp gate to find himself in amongst the wreckage of the ship, he has to find his way out of the snowy derelict mountains, he travels through the wreckage down the only path he can to find himself fighting ice monsters, he comes to a warp gate only to find it deactivated he then has to follow the cable running off the warp gate when he comes a cave with a cable connected to a generator a huge ice monster comes out of the cave and inside him is the fuse for the generator, Zool has to defeat the monster to retrieve the fuse and as so he turns on the generator and the warp gate turns to life and zool travels back to the gate and passes through it, zool finds himself in a room with 6 other portals to which he finds out from the merchant in the centre of the room that it is a warp room.”#

My boss level story:

As you enter through the warp gate, you see a giant ice/mechanical monster, you also see below him through the clear ice the exit warp gate and around him 5 ice pillars, as you approach him he starts to hurl ice balls at you and all becomes apparent you defeat the monster and he crashes through the ice below opening up the way to the warp gate.”


These are a few concepts of the enemy and the boss and first level.





For the white boxing, Zbrush sculpt and the template I will upload on Tuesday as I can’t open them right now, more coming soon, again!


Responding to the brief.

We was asked to design and make a Virtual Gallery for Doncaster college that could sell art and eventually make the college money.

I plan to make a maze from the college corridors so people would have fun getting lost and finding new art.

I will include the floors, walls, ceilings, lights, doors and colours from the college building and its architecture.

I am devising to make all the assets like the doors and walls in Maya and the whole Virtual Gallery in Unity.

Start Date: 15th January – Deadline: 28th February

Research and Initial idea

Research/Initial Idea:

What does an art gallery do?

An art gallery serves the purpose of attracting people to buy art, the idea of being able to see the art first hand may bring in wealthy people who would want to buy the art.

The way an art gallery works is to put the art on display for potential customers to see and potentially buy thus making the gallery money, money to stay open but to also make a profit for either better/art or just for themselves, the location is also key to the success and income of the gallery, the main place for galleries are in the middle of cities or towns, take Doncaster for instance, our gallery is also near the centre of town and attracts quite a few customers and visitors as it is still open and hasn’t been closed down yet, suggesting that they are creating enough income to stay open.

When you walk into an art gallery most people expect to be looking at old paintings, canvases and sculptures in the old fashioned way, nobody likes doing the same things over and over again, unless it’s something so amazing that you’d do that… but I doubt that, people prefer different things that’s why in mine I have tried to incorporate many different things to try and please as many potential customers as possible.

Yesterdays Lesson Review

Mission Statement:

A mission statement is a Target or an Objective.

SMART targets:

To be successful in reaching my Mission Statement I need to set SMART targets, SMART targets are rules we need to follow in order to achieve our Targets.






Stages of Games Development:

  1. Idea
  2. Research
  3. Concept
  4. 2D & 3D Assets
  5. Blackout
  6. Game Engine
  7. Other Assets (Audio/HCI/SFX/Animation)
  8. Lighting