Right, a few weeks ago we entered a competition.

The target was to re-create the game “Zool” that was originally 2D into a 3D game, the winner would be the college or university that re-creates it in the best way.

As a course we have to create 9 levels in which a group of about 3-4 people take one of those levels and have to design and create everything, including the design of the character Zool.

The levels have to consist of:

3 Area levels, Including enemies and/or Mini boss
2 Boss levels
1 Bonus level, this can be anything that we want
and a Link level to link all of them together.

The link level has to have a way of connecting all the levels together, we have come up with using portals or warp gates to get from place to place, also inside the link level it has to be a “safe zone” and has to have merchants.

Our level is the 6th which we’ve decided to do as a snowy mountain/scrap, the enemies are gonna be ice and mechanical like creatures, one ranged, one melee and another for the bonus which is a mix between the both and the Boss is also similar except a lot bigger.

More coming soon


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