E-zine – LOL + COD: Declassified

Different types of games have different HCI’s, sometimes completely different ways of using and seeing them, the HCI is one of the most important features to a successful game, it is the bit that gets the player involved in the game and that’s what makes it successful.


Depending on what game and what platform it’s on it can have a range of technology, League of Legends (LOL) is for the PC so it uses primarily a mouse and keyboard, but you can get specially designed mice that are for that game only, meaning it removes the use of a keyboard by placing button/keys on the mouse so you only have to use one hand which is convenient for the player.

On the other hand, Call Of Duty: Declassified (COD) only has one technology as it is for the PSvita, but the vita has a variety of feature that come with it, It’s a portable gaming device so it can be taken anywhere, it has dual analogues meaning you can play first person shooters and it has touchscreen and a rear touch panel, the game can use all of these to enhance the players experience and it’s done quite well, the idea of having a rear touch panel and a front touchscreen means it opens up a lot more opportunities, in COD you can use the touchscreen to easily access certain things for instance you can drag the grenade icon to throw a grenade anywhere on screen.


Considering the touchscreen of the Vita, COD lacks the use of this feature with its menus, having to use the D-pad in the menu selection is slow and annoying as the touchscreen would be easier and faster, it neither uses the rear touch panel so the full use of the Vita are sadly gone to waste.

In LOL the menu style is fast and simple, due to the recent update the in-game-shop has a new faster system meaning that there is now a “Recommended” item list for the character you play as before the update we didn’t have this, and also you can now search for the item you want in the new search engine at the top which makes life a lot easier.

Human Factors

Within LOL the difficulty all depends on who’s on the opposite team, one match you could be against a whole team of “noobs”, then the next the 3 year winning champions, it all depends on if you play as ranked or random, you can play against bots (Computer) which are the easiest things to beat and win, a new update is coming out which is going to add a new difficulty for the people who think they’re good.

LOL is also mainly male based as the game mostly appeals to males between the ages of 16- 25 the reason for this is probably the outfits that some of the champions where…

On COD the difficulty all depends on your level in the game, the servers try to match you up with other players near enough to your own level so the games are fair, still doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy because you’re still going to get destroyed by bouncing Betty’s and RPG’s and then “Rage Quit”


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