Non Linear

Nonlinear means something that’s not in order, so something that can be done in multiple ways for example a game, a nonlinear game can have multiples amounts of endings and the game can be played in any order, from the way the missions or objectives are carried out to the way you kill a certain character or weather you let them live or not.

The way they do this is making JavaScript code that uses multiple beginnings, outcomes and ends e.g.

const int nPaths = 4;

void fillLimits(float* pLimits);

void mysteryDerp(int nReached);

void NonLinearGame()


static int nLimitsReached = 0;

float paths [nPaths]; // four paths

float pathLimits [nPaths]; // we limit each path

fillLimits(pathLimits) // we set our limits

for (int iii = 0; iii < nPaths; ++iii) {

float& refVal = paths[iii];

float& refMaxVal = pathLimits[iii];

// refVal will increase in each frame

refVal += 1.0f;

// but if refVal reaches or surpasses its limits we reset it.

if (refVal >= refMaxVal) {

refVal = 0.0f;

// a limit was reached


// call mysteryDerp to reflect the event




This is an example of code for a nonlinear game, see how you can limit paths and limit what rewards you can get out of it, this can be done using Unity, it has its own JavaScript creator where you can write in and test your own code, or an existing coding and use it.

But you can just simply create it yourself, storyboards and the narrative you’ll be able write it down, draw it, use editing software like Adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, you can use either the most expensive tools to help, or the cheapest, it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s really good and imaginative and it works well.


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