Research and Initial idea

Research/Initial Idea:

What does an art gallery do?

An art gallery serves the purpose of attracting people to buy art, the idea of being able to see the art first hand may bring in wealthy people who would want to buy the art.

The way an art gallery works is to put the art on display for potential customers to see and potentially buy thus making the gallery money, money to stay open but to also make a profit for either better/art or just for themselves, the location is also key to the success and income of the gallery, the main place for galleries are in the middle of cities or towns, take Doncaster for instance, our gallery is also near the centre of town and attracts quite a few customers and visitors as it is still open and hasn’t been closed down yet, suggesting that they are creating enough income to stay open.

When you walk into an art gallery most people expect to be looking at old paintings, canvases and sculptures in the old fashioned way, nobody likes doing the same things over and over again, unless it’s something so amazing that you’d do that… but I doubt that, people prefer different things that’s why in mine I have tried to incorporate many different things to try and please as many potential customers as possible.


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