League of Legends Review



League of Legends is an online MMORTS (Massive Multiplayer Online-Real Time Strategy) Game that is the biggest and most played game in the world at the moment.

In the game you are something called a summoner in which you control champions to try and defeat the enemies minions, towers, inhibitors and their Nexus also defeating enemy champions on the way as well, when destroying the Nexus you therefore win the game and after you get exp for how many Champions you have killed and what level you got up to with your champion, every time you start a new match your champion is back at level 1.

During each match you level up by killing minions and the enemy champions and in doing so you get to upgrade your abilities to make you stronger, also you can buy items that make you stronger and faster and ups your health and mana in many ways using the gold you earned from killing enemies, the battle system is a real time strategy meaning that there is no turn based system but a fire-at-will type which you basically kill the enemy before he kills you by using good strategy, power and skill.

The battle system is good as it requires the player to develop the skill to think and react quickly in tight situations and having to learn how to use their champion effectively, it also requires the player to understand how the system of the game works as you can’t just charge in with fists, staffs and swords flailing, you need to come up with either a strategy as a team or at least a strategy for yourself and it also allows the player to get used to these types of games because I believe this is an easy way for someone to get into this type of game as it features a good atmosphere, a good layout for the HUD which is easy to use and understand and the whole game itself is really easy to play and to have fun with.

Overall League of Legends is one of the best online games I’ve played so far and I am still playing it a lot, the best feature of the game I think is the abilities that you can use, throughout each different champion there are a diverse selection of abilities that they can you, level up and become stronger and dominate the battle field. GameRevolution said “On the whole, League of Legends is a very well-done game; it would be a worthy purchase at $30, but you can actually download it for the low low price of free.” And gave it a B+ and Kotaku said “League of Legends is a beast. An unassailable success that every other games developer or publisher is trying to figure out.”


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  1. There is a game I think you should review called “FEZ”, a game developed by Phil Fish featured in the documentary “Indie Game”. I did a review of it, give it a try yourself. I am assuming you have an Xbox…

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