Borderlands 2 Review


One of the most important parts of a good game is the storyline.

It’s the storyline that keeps the game alive which in turn makes it a good game, a bad storyline however could make the game crash and burn, an example of a good storyline is Borderlands 2 for the pc, it has the best storyline I have seen and played in a long time and a really enjoyed it as the story and whole theme of the game was funny yet immersive as the cast of the characters and enemies were compelling enough to keep me playing.

The storyline starts off as Handsome Jack the main bad guy, trying to kill you because you’re a “Vault Hunter” this for me was the starting point of being pulled into the game and being immersed by the dark humour of the dialogue and the open landscape filled with bandits, psycho’s and badass marauders plus other annoyingly difficult enemies to come.

The story is truly great and incredible to play or even just watch as you discover the what it means to be a vault hunter traversing through vast wastelands full of bandits and discovering new planes with many psycho’s to kill in as many ways as you can think, be it by explosives, poison, acid burns or just a simple shot to the head, with the many variations of guns in the game you’re gonna have a hard time choosing what destructive weapon you’re going to use next.

In the story leads you through missions upon missions upon side quests to try and foil Handsome Jacks plans while at the same time finding out more about him, his plans and who this mysterious Angel is that keeps helping you and it all takes you on a journey through the land of Pandora meeting new allies and old ones from the original Borderlands while shooting and blowing up enemies, there are over 17,750,000 weapons to collect and use with many special abilities and perks + vehicles to use and grenade mods, shields, skins, heads and eridian to collect.

I am not the only one who loves this game IGN said “Ultimately I don’t feel this is something console gamers will miss, but for those of you with great hardware it’s an additional thing to enjoy.” And Euro Gamer said “Compared to the dull, empty-eyed stoicism of so many triple-A games, it’s still a welcome blast of idiot humor, too. How many others enter a room and chuck down a turret with a lofty shout of “Meet mah girlfriend”?”





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