Borderlands 2 HUD

There are many Games and many HUD’s but in Borderlands 2 there is something different, the layout is so simplistic and easy to use and understand, the way you get it in the game is pretty cool as well, at the start from another character you get something called an ECHO Communicator which comes with a class-12 heads up display and you can see it loading up in front of yours and the characters eyes making it a lot different and special to other games

The HUD features a Health&Shield bar, a compass, level bar, Ammo&Grenade count, mission&team summary, reticule and an active ability, all of these take up minimum space and they leave a lot of space still for the actual gameplay but still easily visible when playing. The use of bright yet smart colours allows you to determine easily what is what, all together the smart HUD and menu system is a really cool way to look at things and is easily accessed and used.


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