Rene Descartes..


Rene Descartes was a French writer and mathematician who changed history by creating the Cartesian coordinates which in doing so allowed us to transform geometrical shapes into algebraic equations but not also that, he made it possible to create 3D objects using points in space which lets us make objects, scenes, environments and games.

Rene Descartes was the mind behind some of the crucial tools in Games Development, the knowledge that he gave us allowed humanity to create programs like Maya, Unity and others, because of his finding and discoveries he were able to change the world, would there be games like there is now? Would creating games be different or more difficult? From what he gave us he changed the way we think and look and things and he also changed the way we do certain tasks within the games industry and life.

Rene was also a famous philosopher who came up with Cartesian Philosophy which was based on scepticism and that all reliable knowledge must be justified by means of logical analysis which was influential in the success of the Scientific Revolution and provides the foundation upon most philosophical thoughts are grounded, he has also been dubbed “’Father of Modern Philosophy”.

René Descartes built the foundation for modern philosophical method with a simple catchphrase: “Cogito Ergo Sum” “I think, therefore I am.” He is also regarded as the founder of analytic geometry, he wrote numerous books defining his theories and philosophies about the human mind and body describing the differences and how the mind is external to the body into which is entered through the pineal gland while trying to uncover the meaning of the natural world using a rational approach.

So without Descartes knowledge, theories and deep thinking today’s world well might not even be the same.


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