The Goonies Narrative



It started as normal day for Mickey and Data, they were playing in Mickey’s attic when Data accidentaly knocks over a picture frame which reveals what they believe to be a treasure map and their journey begins..


You will be switching between characters; Mikey ands Data to solve puzzles, riddles amd use each characters perks to your adavantage, You will be scored on how fast you solve the riddles and puzzles, how fast you complete each level and how many treasures you collect along the way. You will have to defeat spiders, rats, bats and baby sharks. You will eventually complete the level when you reach the end.Image

We chose thses characters because Mikey is one of the main characters of the film and is important to the storyline as it rely’s on him. And we chose Data because he is Mikey’s bestfriend and he has a lot of gadgets that could be helpful in the game and would be fun.


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