A pretty good reveiw from a friend of mine.



Slender, the eight pages is a free to download mystery, thriller, horror game, in which you are spawned into a wood as a child, you are there set the challenge to roam around the wood finding all eight mystery pages, each with different pieces of writing and images upon! the game is set at night time and you are given a flashlight! but you have to be very conservatory with the torchlight battery as the notes are hidden within different areas of the map. After coming across and collecting the first page, the challenge then truly begins, as the creature named slender is from that point on spawned into the map. The slender will teleport around the map trying to find you, when he finally comes across you he will try to kill you. when he is near you it gives you a sign, this sign being that your screen goes static and begins to make noises through your speakers/headphones! the…

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