Key terms and concepts


In games development there are many ways and sources of finance to make a project work. You can get a bank loan to start your company and project and pay them back with interest on a later date. You can also join a kickstarter which will fund you and your project

“Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.

We’re a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you. Since our launch in 2009, more than 4.3 million people have pledged over $666 million, funding more than 43,000 creative projects. Thousands of creative projects are raising funds on Kickstarter right now.

These funds are needed for many different things like a company building or apartment, rent, any utility bills that are needed, food, computers to create and run the project on, specialist programmes and members of staff specially needed.


In a games company there will be many deadlines for every part of the pipeline, levels have to finished by a certain time so the coder or programmer or something else can get the levels and either animate anything or code anything or just put them into the games engine. In a company or project you need as many people helping as you can especially if you have a tight deadline so any illness or lateness can cost and is preferred to not be late or ill at any point during the project. Even in big games companies they don’t have time for anyone to be off since it can stop the flow In the pipeline even though they probably have extra staff on hand in case of anything like that they stilol don’t like it.


Starting or during a project it can be a pro and a con to have a certain sized team. In a big team you will have plenty of people working on the project and can make everything go a lot faster and more efficient but if the game you’re trying to sell isn’t very good and therefore doesn’t sell well then you’re going to have to either pay people out of your own pocket or not having much profit. But in a small team there are less of you meaning that work can be slow but if you sell the game well then you’re going to have a lot of profit considering  you only have a small team.


The facilities that you need in a game company are important as it covers the equipment and the housing that you need for your project or game. You need decent computers that have a good cpu and gpu to sustain the amount of work and testing that you’re going to be doing such as rendering and also being able to run the game quite well to test for any bug or glitches. You also need a place to use as a company. As a big company you can buy/build or rent a whole building to use as your hq or if you’re a small company then you can just rent an apartment or even just use your bedroom as your main base of operations. It all depends on what you can afford and if it will be beneficial to you.


In games the materials we would need are such things like recorded music, assets and audio. We would need recorded music for if we have any music or songs in the game that needs to be licensed and recorded for the individual purpose, unlike the audio which can be recorded in any way and we can use it for anything like sound effects, any voice recording for dialogue or narration and any other special audio types. We will also need assets which will go in the game as scenery or the characters and weapons and basica lly anything else in the game. These will be created by the modellers and we can then use them for any way we choose and these are also one of the most important thing in a game.


The contributors we might need would be any specialist designers or coders or modellers that could either help us or work for us to create anything we need. Also we can also hire special effects creators and voice actors to contribute towards the game.


For your hq for your company there is a lot to consider like the cost of the play you’re going to use. In big cities the price of buildings and apartments is a lot higher than those in towns or villages so take into consideration of where you’re going to be. Identification is needed as well because there is no point in having it in a remote village that no one has ever heard of before, so try to be in a easily identifiable place or more known place. Also the more known the place the more recourses there will be in that place.

Another problem to consider is the distance between either family, home, job and if you have other companies and the distance from cities and other well-known places because these can hinder things for you including progress and popularity.

Codes of practice and regulation:

In a games company you have to make sure you have the correct paperwork and the right legal rights to make sure you don’t get sued or fined or even shut down because of legal matters. If you don’t have the right copyright agreements other companies can sue you for eiher stealing their idea or using something of theirs which can cost you a lot and can shut you down.

Regulatory bodies:

It is important as a games company to comply with the regulatory body’s requirements and specifications. Ignoring or purposely disregarding these regulations can cause either fines or shut downs so it is important to follow them. For instance if you decide on an age range for your game make sure you follow the guidelines for that age because if you don’t you can get the age range either made for younger or older ages, this can also affect your sales as certain games only appeal to certain ages.


Some Pre-Production work.Organisational structures:There are many types of

Some Pre-Production work.

Organisational structures:

There are many types of companies one is a Development Studio which is basically a Studio committed to making video games and releasing them to the public this is also known as a Games Development Studio some examples are; Bethesda Softworks, Gearbox Software, Neversoft and Pandemix Studios.

These are some of the most famous Games Studios that are around right now, within these Game Studios there are different Departments, some of these may include;

3D Modeller:
A 3D modeller models anything from characters to furniture to scenery and just about anything else to do with the game, they can have specific modellers for certain things like a character modeller or level modeller.

Job roles:

A Programmer programs everything in the game, such as when events are meant to happen, what things do, how the character acts and behaves and everything else you can imagine, again the programmer can have certain tasks as there can be many programmers on a team.

Level Designer:
Level designer design the game levels that are in games quite easily put but they have to avoid a lot of bugs and issues in the games and then if there are still bugs the Q&A testers will find them and surely annoy the game designer/s, again as for the other there can be more than one working on a game

Zool Update!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been busy with other college work even though it was meant to be  posted on here …

Well anyway a lot has gone on with Zool, we’ve created the story for it, designed all of our levels and white boxed them, created a template for our levels to make sure they can run at 60fps, designed and created the enemies in Zbrush and also managing to do all the paperwork and getting the concepts finished.

The Story:

To escape the ever nearing doom of the ship crashing, Zool dashes towards the time portal, successfully reaching and traveling forward through time and space. He arrives on a planet covered in snow, mountains for miles to see, and full of scraped technology buried under snow. Sceptical of his own location he must uncover his were abouts, and find his way through.

Zool proceeds to explore and walks down the only walkable path, to eventually find a de-activated warp gate, in an attempt to react the warp gate he traces the power line to a cave, inside he spots a lever that is frozen over guarded by an ice wolf. He knows to get the power on and be able to proceed through the warp gate he has to beat the wolf and active the power.

After defeating the wolf and activating the power Zool, heads back to the warp gate to find that it is activated. He continues nervously through the warp gate, to come out on the other side within a circular area surrounded by 5 warp gates, and in the middle stood an old man surrounded by his collected treasures.

The old man informs you of your location, your situation and how to escape, he tells Zool that if he does not escape he will surely die as the whole planet is about to erupt and destroy every living thing upon this world. He tells you that to get off the world you must go through the 4 levels to unlock the final bonus area and successfully pass through the final warp gate at the end of the bonus level, also beating the bonus level and passing through the final warp gate will suppressed  the eruption for another 1000 years.

You go through the first warp gate, and find that you are back within the snowy mountain, scraped technology area you first warped into. The mountains are too high and cannot be climbed and a clear path leads the way that you have to go to complete the level and proceed, but enemies stand within your way and to get to the end you must successfully evade them or power through them with your gun or melee.

Successfully passing the level and going through the warp gate at the end of the level will lead you back to the link area, with the next room unlocked. You will continue after the first level onto a boss level, after that a normal level and one more boss level, after completing the 2nd boss you will have unlocked the final room which is the bonus area and to get through this level you must jump across platforms and kill enemies to get to the end where a mini boss stands in your way of treasure and your safety of the ever nearing danger of the erupting volcano.”

My level story:

“Zool comes out the warp gate to find himself in amongst the wreckage of the ship, he has to find his way out of the snowy derelict mountains, he travels through the wreckage down the only path he can to find himself fighting ice monsters, he comes to a warp gate only to find it deactivated he then has to follow the cable running off the warp gate when he comes a cave with a cable connected to a generator a huge ice monster comes out of the cave and inside him is the fuse for the generator, Zool has to defeat the monster to retrieve the fuse and as so he turns on the generator and the warp gate turns to life and zool travels back to the gate and passes through it, zool finds himself in a room with 6 other portals to which he finds out from the merchant in the centre of the room that it is a warp room.”#

My boss level story:

As you enter through the warp gate, you see a giant ice/mechanical monster, you also see below him through the clear ice the exit warp gate and around him 5 ice pillars, as you approach him he starts to hurl ice balls at you and all becomes apparent you defeat the monster and he crashes through the ice below opening up the way to the warp gate.”


These are a few concepts of the enemy and the boss and first level.





For the white boxing, Zbrush sculpt and the template I will upload on Tuesday as I can’t open them right now, more coming soon, again!


Right, a few weeks ago we entered a competition.

The target was to re-create the game “Zool” that was originally 2D into a 3D game, the winner would be the college or university that re-creates it in the best way.

As a course we have to create 9 levels in which a group of about 3-4 people take one of those levels and have to design and create everything, including the design of the character Zool.

The levels have to consist of:

3 Area levels, Including enemies and/or Mini boss
2 Boss levels
1 Bonus level, this can be anything that we want
and a Link level to link all of them together.

The link level has to have a way of connecting all the levels together, we have come up with using portals or warp gates to get from place to place, also inside the link level it has to be a “safe zone” and has to have merchants.

Our level is the 6th which we’ve decided to do as a snowy mountain/scrap, the enemies are gonna be ice and mechanical like creatures, one ranged, one melee and another for the bonus which is a mix between the both and the Boss is also similar except a lot bigger.

More coming soon

Lesson Review 3

The last one didn’t post for some reason…

Last Tuesday we were told to create something called an asset sheet.

Aasset sheets are important as it shows off that work you have done, it shows how well you can create things and how you can show it as a design sheet.

You can use them to show your work to Companies, game producers and Universities.

Lesson Review 4

Yesterday we talked about character Design.

We had a competition to see who could build 5 different body typed people (Fat, Skinny, Tall, thin) all of this done in Maya.

We had a 20 minute time limit to make 5 body sizes, 7 heads high and 3 heads wide, I won and was the only one to finish within the time limit with 2 minutes left!

Unfortunately there was no prize to be won, but I know now that I can model fast.

Vivi Ornitier!

Vivi Ornitier!

This is the drawing of Vivi that I did when I was bored last night, hope you guys like it.

Btw, I love Final Fantasy IX

Asset Sheet!







These are the rest of my Asset sheets for my Virtual Gallery.

E-zine – LOL + COD: Declassified

Different types of games have different HCI’s, sometimes completely different ways of using and seeing them, the HCI is one of the most important features to a successful game, it is the bit that gets the player involved in the game and that’s what makes it successful.


Depending on what game and what platform it’s on it can have a range of technology, League of Legends (LOL) is for the PC so it uses primarily a mouse and keyboard, but you can get specially designed mice that are for that game only, meaning it removes the use of a keyboard by placing button/keys on the mouse so you only have to use one hand which is convenient for the player.

On the other hand, Call Of Duty: Declassified (COD) only has one technology as it is for the PSvita, but the vita has a variety of feature that come with it, It’s a portable gaming device so it can be taken anywhere, it has dual analogues meaning you can play first person shooters and it has touchscreen and a rear touch panel, the game can use all of these to enhance the players experience and it’s done quite well, the idea of having a rear touch panel and a front touchscreen means it opens up a lot more opportunities, in COD you can use the touchscreen to easily access certain things for instance you can drag the grenade icon to throw a grenade anywhere on screen.


Considering the touchscreen of the Vita, COD lacks the use of this feature with its menus, having to use the D-pad in the menu selection is slow and annoying as the touchscreen would be easier and faster, it neither uses the rear touch panel so the full use of the Vita are sadly gone to waste.

In LOL the menu style is fast and simple, due to the recent update the in-game-shop has a new faster system meaning that there is now a “Recommended” item list for the character you play as before the update we didn’t have this, and also you can now search for the item you want in the new search engine at the top which makes life a lot easier.

Human Factors

Within LOL the difficulty all depends on who’s on the opposite team, one match you could be against a whole team of “noobs”, then the next the 3 year winning champions, it all depends on if you play as ranked or random, you can play against bots (Computer) which are the easiest things to beat and win, a new update is coming out which is going to add a new difficulty for the people who think they’re good.

LOL is also mainly male based as the game mostly appeals to males between the ages of 16- 25 the reason for this is probably the outfits that some of the champions where…

On COD the difficulty all depends on your level in the game, the servers try to match you up with other players near enough to your own level so the games are fair, still doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy because you’re still going to get destroyed by bouncing Betty’s and RPG’s and then “Rage Quit”

I Wonder Why: Soap Makes Bubbles Game!



These are our other ideas for the bubble game as we call it, these were our other ideas for what we were gonna do for the game.

We eventually went with answering questions based on the book and if you got it wrong you would go into a First-Person-Shooter mode where you shoot bubbles and bars of soap at dirt monsters.


This is the structure to how were gonna create this non-linear game with multiple endings and ways to go during the game.